We provide free workshops to community members. Here are published all active and funded activities. 

Currently we waiting funding decision to run skills development workshops. 

Better Skills for Life change Workshop

We proud to start a circle of Better Skills for Life change workshops. 

There is no restriction who can join. Workshops are free. 

If you would like to attend, please send us an email with your Name and phone number and we will contact you to confirm your booking. 

Workshop dates as follow: 

Every Thursday from 2nd March 2017 till 10th August 2017 



We invite women of 18 years, victims of domestic violence (emotional or physical) in childhood or in adulthood, to attend our support group.
At the meetings, we using a program developed by European organizations, including the Women 'Aid, and designed for 14 weeks. Also, you will be able to speak freely, to become more self-reliant and participate in fun activities.

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